Why You Should Choose IPP


We have the experience and expertise necessary to provide transparency for what alternatives of pricing and structures are available in the competitive marketplace, enabling a fit for your criteria.

Balanced Approach

We strive to maintain the appropriate mix of professional corroboration and arm’s length objectivity with best in class providers to optimize your power procurement.

We’ve Got Your Back

We remain your partner throughout the procurement process and not just when closing the sale, something that includes updating you as to market conditions, what opportunities and risks might occur as time goes by, and other “got your back” roles that one trusted partner would expect of another.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best fit of available energy procurement structures for your specific requirements. What may be apropos for a large industrial user may not be for an office building or school district. The beginning of a search for what works for you begins with a dialogue that allows us to understand your needs and concerns, including any unique situations that will affect results. In this discussion, we will be your guide through where the market has been, where it is currently, and where it may go in the future.

Infinity IP3

Inifnity IP3

Infinity Intelligence

Infinity Intelligence