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Infinity Power Partners knows that managing utility costs starts with measurement, which is why our Infinity Intelligence Suite focuses on monitoring and reducing resource consumption. Services include: data services and invoice management, automated demand response/real-time price controls, and ENERGY STAR commercial services.

Our utility management software solution forges automated invoice and data reception, auditing, accounts payable exporting, and aggregated energy usage analysis. Our cloud-based system utilizes a customizable facility tree capable of providing a hierarchy of data from the meter, up to any reporting level within the organization.

We provide these services to thousands of facilities in industries such as: banking/finance, higher education, health care, oil and gas production, ISDs, non-profits, manufacturing, houses of worship, utility companies, and municipalities. We’ve helped our clients realize millions in savings from tariff analysis, bill auditing, penalties avoidance, and tax advisory services.

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, our Infinity Intelligence Suite may be right for you:

  1. Are you concerned about being invoiced incorrectly by the utility?
  2. Are your facilities spread across multiple regions or across the nation?
  3. Are you incurring late charges from slow bill processing?
  4. Interested in comparing energy usage between different facilities at a moment’s notice?
  5. Curious to see how energy efficient improvements are effecting their energy consumption?
  6. Don’t have time to collect utility data each month from all of the different portals, much less analyze the data?
  7. Do you report on greenhouse gas emissions for sustainability reporting planning?
  8. Are interested in the amount of energy used in relation to a business-specific Key Performance Indicator?
  9. Would you use ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager as a benchmarking tool if you had a supportive data partner to do the heavy lifting?
  10. Are your facilities located in areas with mandatory energy usage disclosure ordinances?
  11. Does your utility, Retail Electric Provider, or Independent System Operator offer demand response programs? These programs can pay the freight for corporate-wide sustainability initiatives.

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