Houston-Based Company Acquires Multifamily and Student Housing Clientele

HOUSTON, TX (9/18/2018) – Infinity Power Partners, LLC, a Houston-based retail energy brokerage and management company, entered into an agreement with Incite Energy, LLC to purchase a portion of its business that includes its multifamily and student housing assets. Infinity Power Partners has acquired assets and will begin managing operations effective immediately.

The acquisition also included corresponding personnel transfers. Founder and President of Incite, Jared Crane, will remain active with new business development with Infinity Power Partners in the multifamily sector and Incite Energy’s Director of Business Development, Will McGinnis, has officially joined Infinity Power Partners to service the new accounts.

“I carefully selected Infinity Power Partners as an acquiring partner due to my familiarity with its principals and business operations. I trust that our clients and employees will be best served by Infinity Power Partners’ area of expertise, “ said Crane. “I’m looking forward to remaining closely involved and serving clients together.”

The acquisition of Incite Energy’s assets is representative of Infinity Power Partners ongoing growth and development strategy to offer best-in-class energy management services to apartment owners and third-party management companies.

“The procurement of Incite’s multifamily and student housing clientele builds upon our customer-centric values and principles and our expertise in these industries. As we continue to expand our nationwide footprint, our shared vision of solutions-based energy management will help our clients in reducing costs and managing their energy spends into the future, and with Will McGinnis on our team, we are confident these clients will feel right at home at IPP,” said Peter Selber, Infinity Power Partners’ Managing Partner.

For more information about Incite Energy’s sale, Infinity Power Partners and its corresponding growth, visit www.infinitypowerpartners.com or contact Jenny Gustafson at jenny@likemindstalk.com.

About Infinity Power Partners

Since 2012, Infinity Power Partners has provided procurement management solutions, risk management services and market insight through the development of client-specific strategies. With over 100 years of combined industry expertise, Infinity offers a unique, technical approach to ensure energy-related requirements are fulfilled and exceed expectations.

About Incite Energy

Incite Energy was founded in 2012 as an energy management and consulting company operating in three business segments: energy procurement services across all deregulated areas in North America, utility bill audit solutions and energy efficiency solutions. Incite Energy served 15 states for electricity and 44 states for natural gas procurement services.