The Procurement Process

Infinity’s top priority is to provide you with the best procurement structure to match your company’s specific needs. This may be based on fixed price, heat rate index, real time, or a combination of some or all of these alternatives. Our procurement process is enabled by transparency, our expert understanding of what fits your company, and our knowledge of which provider best meets your needs.As your strategic partner, we employ multiple steps to ensure your best results. They include:


Understanding your goals

Our first objective in your energy procurement process is to fully understand your specific goals. While we recognize the importance of capturing the lowest price, we also consider budget constraints, optimum term, risk appetite, and other user-specific criteria. From our thorough discussions and research, we will help you set those goals, develop a strategy, and guide you through the process, from inception through renewal and all the phases in between.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

We use your historical usage data, if applicable, and perform an analysis of how you use energy. We then compare history with what the forward curve offers today. Our experience, analytic capabilities, and recognition of energy trends and timing, allow us to make assumptions based on real-life scenarios. Our analysis, combined with your specific needs lets us recommend compatible structure and term, benchmarking our assumptions with the wholesale price of power and natural gas.

Pricing Management

Once we find the best structure, Infinity identifies and reaches out to those suppliers who can meet your requirements. The competitive process will achieve the best of economy and allow the most appropriate cost comparison. Once you receive pricing, and information such as band-width, material change, gas lock procedures (if applicable), and other details, you will have the best tools to make your procurement decision.


After narrowing the pricing for the elected structure and final list of suppliers in our pre-sourcing process, Infinity Power Partners reviews the contract language and ensures that provisions are compatible with your needs, negotiates where necessary, and delivers a thoroughly vetted, executable contract.

Continuing service

Our commitment to you doesn’t end with the execution of a contract. We will continue to provide unsurpassed customer service by closely monitoring market and regulatory conditions, and communicating any issues connected to your contract, particularly opportunities or risks beyond current procurement.

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