The Power of Demand Response

What is Demand Response?

A Demand Response (DR) program, as implemented by IPP, assists our end-use customers in reducing their electricity use or their own internal sources of energy in response to power grid needs, economic signals from a competitive wholesale market, or special retail rates. We translate the DR concept into an executable, transparent program. Infinity Power Partners is your knowledgeable guide, working with you to maximize the benefits of your Demand Response program.

What does Demand Response entail?

Your facility’s potential to participate in DR programs can depend on the specifics of the facility. Considerations include:

  • Ability to shift or shut down internal energy usage
  • Ability to use internal generation resources
  • Ability to monitor and control major energy usage, preferably on a real-time basis
  • Total energy spend
  • Square footage
  • Mechanical and HVAC systems
  • Range of building controls

How can Demand Response benefit you?

Demand Response solution offered by Infinity Power Partners offers you exceptional benefits. Among them:

  • Creates a new revenue stream
  • Reduces utility demand charges, e.g. 4 coincident peak costs in ERCOT and overall energy costs
  • Allows you to receive recognition for your energy conservation and sustainability strategy

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