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Looking Towards The Future

Renewable energy, emissions, LEED certification, and sustainability are all broadly discussed and highly relevant concerns of the energy and power market industries. At Infinity Power Partners, we’ll work with you to provide environmental-friendly solutions. We can break down the complexity of workings towards sustainability and help be your partner in determining the best path for your company. IPP has assisted clients, like Houston’s Discovery Green, in structuring, facilitating and executing environmental sustainability solutionswith innovative and lasting benefits. Some elements of our sustainability strategy are:

Renewable energy

Purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates, also known as Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), to meet your organization’s objectives.


IPP can assist in quantifying your carbon footprint. We work closely with you to reduce your own emissions and assist in purchasing Renewable Energy Credits to further reduce your environmental footprint.


IPP consultants partner with you in understanding, promoting and executing well-planned sustainability plans and programs.

Energy Efficiency Retrofits

IPP can assist you implementing an energy efficiency retrofit program finding efficiencies in your lighting, HVAC and the operation of your organization.

  • Identify low and no-cost energy efficiency programs
  • Identify conservation measures and opportunities
  • Optimize facility energy usage
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