We trust Infinity Power Partners. They know where to look for cost-savings opportunities and how to leverage contractual language that we can use to protect our business. We’d recommend them to anyone in our industry.


We chose to engage IPP to manage the energy of Asset Campus Housing, a multi-state, 300+ property management company… They saved us well over six-figures in one time costs like Texas state sales tax refunds as well as the recurring costs of energy. Infinity is an excellent on-going partner for our company.

Asset Campus Housing

Infinity Power Partners added value in every aspect of our procurement process. They are transparent and honest. They will give you the facts as they exist today but also have unique processes for their multifamily clientele. Infinity Power Partners know multifamily unlike any other energy procurement partner that we have spoken to in the past. I highly recommend using IPP for your energy related needs.

Madera Residential

“With a coast-to-coast footprint of properties, we need a partner who understands the dynamics of markets from Atlanta to Honolulu. I can’t imagine ever again dealing directly with multiple electricity providers.”

PM Realty Group

“With a sales and operations team to manage, the last thing I want to do is go through the headaches and hassles of selecting an electricity provider. Infinity Power Partners evaluated our needs, shopped the market and presented us with the best solutions. They made the process a breeze.”

Tommie Vaughn Motors

“Infinity Power Partners breaks down the complexities of purchasing electricity and natural gas and presents it in language we understand. They cut through the clutter and get to the root of what we’re looking for—reducing energy costs in our theaters.”

Studio Movie Grill

“We have an obligation to our supporters to seek out the most cost-effective solutions in order to preserve the park’s mission of environmental sustainability. Infinity Power Partners won us over with their market knowledge and their responsiveness. We’re delighted they’re on our team.”

Discovery Green

“The cost to power a round-the-clock healthcare facility can be staggering. Infinity Power Partners identifies the best possible energy management solutions, but they’re nimble enough to change course as the wholesale markets change. They are an invaluable part of our team.”

Baylor College of Medicine

“We rely on Infinity Power Partners for guidance and strategic direction in our procurement of energy.”

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