Our Mission

We help you understand.

Infinity Power Partners is an energy management and consulting firm whose mission is to provide procurement and risk management services, on-going market insight, and continuous account maintenance through the development of client-specific strategies. With over 100 years of combined industry expertise, IPP offers a unique, transparent, and technical approach ensuring our clients’ energy-related needs are always fulfilled.

We begin the search of what works best for you through dialogue that allows us to understand your needs and concerns, inclusive of any unique situations that will affect results. In this discussion, we will provide transparency for where the market has been, where it is currently, and where it may go in the future. This will be the result of analysis of several empirical data inputs: history, the current market place, and the forward curve. Once your needs (including risk appetite and suitability) are compared with what the market offers, an answer will be at hand.

Our Business

We answer your questions.

How do you decide when to procure power? What term best fits your requirements? Which provider offers the most advantageous terms and structure? How would you know? The answers to these questions (plus many related issues) are the basis for Infinity Power Partners’ value proposition.

Despite a given that those quality providers who solicit your business directly do so with the highest degrees of integrity and desire to do the right thing, they come to the table with their agenda and not yours. In contrast, our sole focus is your agenda, inclusive of specifics of usage, budget requirements, and suitability which are refined by our analysis and defined by you.

Why Infinity Power Partners?

We stick by you.

We have the experience and expertise necessary to provide transparency for what alternatives of pricing and structures are available in the competitive marketplace, enabling a fit for your criteria.

We strive to maintain the appropriate mix of professional corroboration and arm’s length objectivity with best in class providers to optimize your power procurement.

We remain your partner throughout the procurement process and not just when closing the sale, something that includes updating you as to market conditions, what opportunities and risks might occur as time goes by, and other “got your back” roles that one trusted partner would expect of another.